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My Approach

Coaching sessions are 60 to 90 minutes with 2-4 sessions per month for a 3-6 month engagement, though coaching relationships can last for years.


I recommend meeting weekly at the onset of coaching, but exact arrangements will be determined based on what best serves your needs.


As your coach, my role is to help you explore what is working and what is getting in the way, to be a different “observer” and provide a different point of view - not better or right, but just different - to help you see traits or habits that you might be stuck in so that we can help get you

unstuck. I'll do this by asking questions, making observations, sharing information, and listening. I will bring different distinctions and perspectives to enlarge the possible strategies and actions available to you, however the choices are fully yours.


My role and responsibility as your coach is to:


• Help you discover and target what you want to achieve

• Help create a safe space for self-discovery

• Co-create strategies, actions, and practices aligned with what you want to achieve

• Hold you responsible and accountable for the agreed to process and outcomes


The practices we design are intended to do more than just provide short term, one-time changes, but instead to be transformative. Through our work together I will seek to have you become more self-aware, and expand your view of your perceptions, beliefs, habits, and actions so that you can choose new possibilities to support the changes you want to make. I utilize a holistic approach integrating language, emotions and the body as pathways for learning so that the full force of your wisdom can be unleashed.

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